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          AENEQ Building


          We're system integrator for semiconductor and flat panel display equipment

          AENEQ R&D Center

          Aeneq Laser Laboratory got various type of laser source for customer sample testing. We have Fiber, Nano, Pico and Femto laser.

          Nano-second Laser, Pico-second Laser, Femto-second Laser

          Semiconductor Equipment

          AENEQ semiconductor equipments portfolio including substrate and wafer such as wafer marking, PoP or TMV laser drilling, Wafer grooving
          Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip.

          Semiconductor Equipment

          FPD Equipment

          Aeneq FPD equipments portfolio including Laser Lift Off (LLO), Flexible OLED cutting, Inner Glass Marking, Surface Glass Marking, Laser Sealing

          FPD Equipment
          Ultra Thin Glass (UTG Glass)

          Ultra Thin Glass

          AENEQ can manufacture UTG glass thickness from 30um ~ 100um. We make glass Rollable, Bendable and Foldable UTG